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Poster guide to palmistry

from G.Venu "Mudras in Kathakali: Notations of 373 Hand Gestures", Nataka Kairali, 1984, via 神戸芸術工科大学紀要芸術工学2005 | 手の象徴性 ーアジアの演劇的世界から- 今村文彦

A study of the Tree of Life in its anthropomorphic & Adam Kadmon form by Artist, Chuk Vinson

ex libris l.i. - v. gazovic

Metamorphosis Mitsuru Nagashima" Etching Print

"‘Treasure Chest or Shrine of True Riches for Salvation and Eternal Blessedness" was written by the Franciscan preacher Stephan Fridolin (1430-98). It's a good illustration of using the hands as a memory aide for oneself, which was later developed into communication to others.

名古屋・愛知編』(points de tricot)の感想 - ブクログ

Palmistry: Truth Or Hoax?