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Aerith and Zack

「FF13-2ミニミニ」/「みちゃこ」のイラスト [pixiv]

I know, I should have drawn this on summer…:)

Cid Yuffie Vincent - Final Fantasy VII

FF7 - Sephiroth by ~Miyukiko on deviantART . . . . and his giant glowy comfy blanket?

The spirit of final fantasy 8 : she is exuberant, he is uptight

Companions- Yuffie Kisaragi and Vincent Valentine of Final Fantasy 7!!

Post Advent Children - Vincent gets a phone

They Who Are Turks byきよら - Final Fantasy VII - Rude / Tseng / Elena / Reno

Kadaj, Sephiroth, Cloud Strife and Aerith Gainsborough. Fan art. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

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