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Hmmm...KH problems

This needs to be made into a t-shirt and given to me...

さくらもっちKHO11日昼! on

Heartless - Kingdom Hearts

キングダム ハーツ Uχ公式 on

“【今夜0時】プレミアムドローに限定「テラ イラスト Ver」登場! 更にBbSから期待の新メダル3枚追加! インパクト大のキャンペーンも始動! 0時のお知らせを要チェック!

the fanbase for KH has some amazing artists behind it.

「kou」missions (@0vv0b) | Twitter

Roxas ((and the heartless is probably named Chester.))

浅瀬 on

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Aqua, Terra, and Ven

Wondering why Disney seemingly ignores KH, despite the fact that half of all the Disney characters are in it... O_o

The moon from the World That Never Was!