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Contrary to popular belief, fluoride is a toxic waste that should be filtered out of your drinking water. Cheap disposable filters do NOT address fluoride. Visit for filters that do!

Too Young for Menopause and Feeling A Little Crazy? Symptoms and Solutions for Perimenopausal Women

メディカルハーブとは、近代医学ではなく自然療法の1つ。 本来、人の体に備わっている自然治癒力を利用し、治療や病気の予防を促す方法です。 近代医学とメディカルハーブは、主に「薬」の面で違いがあります。近代医学の薬は単一成分で出来ています。局所に効きやすく、全体には効きにくい特徴があります。 対して、メディカルハーブは複数の成分が含まれています。この複数の成分がある事で、効きが穏やかで全身に作用します。 メディカルハーブは医薬品に比べて副作用が起きにくいと言われ、多くの成分が体にバランスよく働きかけてくれる安心さがあります。

Please read about synthetic vitamins hurting you! Although I don't think good vitamins have to be labeled organic, just check the ingredients to make sure they are pure without additives, is great cheap place to buy good ones.

Gustav Klimt >> Medicine (1900 07) | (Oil, artwork, reproduction, copy, painting).

"studies show acupuncture reduces nausea after surgery and in chemotherapy patients" - they do know that it does help release pain relief hormones etc.... Someone should update this NIH listing.... But still a good source for basic and quick American health info in general.

Gynostemma may support the heart in other ways as well. For example, it seems to strengthen the heart helping it beat more powerfully. A Chinese study of 220 athletes found that it helped increase cardiac efficiency without a concurrent increase in the heart rate or blood pressure. Participating athletes were able to produce more blood flow and send more oxygen to their muscles, without forcing their hearts to work harder, thus boosting their endurance. Good for High Blood Pressure too.

What Are 12 Signs That You Need Detoxification?