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Fan: "Tell us something about you that even your friends don't know." J2 had been discussing that there are many, many more pros than cons to filming the show. But one of the cons is the scheduling and how they don't get to see their friends and family as much as they'd like. So Jensen answers,"I don't have friends anymore." Crowd: "Awwww." Jared: "I'll be you friend." And he hugs him. <3 I love them both so much. <3 #ChiCon2013 Breakfast Panel

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Jared J2 Breakfast Panel #ChiCon2013

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Mark Sheppard ...full of sass. You can't help but love him. He is much more handsome in person and just full of himself. I loved his coat and he wore it in his photo ops. (notes from Leisa) #ChiCon2013


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[gif] Jared:"My microphone broke." While "accidentally" dropping the microphone so he could show us his butt, Jared actually did break his microphone. Jensen:"That's why we don't have nice things, Jared." #ChiCon2013

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