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Nice video poignant !人生哲学を語るでもなく、特別な瞬間を集めたわけでもない。それでいて、なんとも愛おしい150秒です。オランダの映画プロデューサー、イェロエン・...

sadly some of these things were not always givens for women in any country/culture and some still aren't to this day

How ships are launched - Very cool / via @David King

Band-Aid Plastic Strips Commercial (1955) - "Flesh-Colored" = White

Sparkles and Wine - Teaser

See How Light Angle & Shadows Affect The Faces Of Your Portrait Subjects - PictureCorrect

MYTH BUSTED!! Women Are Paid Less Than Men Not Because of Discrimination. Wise up Ladies!! There is no WAR on WOMEN!! Condemn UNAMERICAN HATER FEMINAZI LAWYERS and other SYSTEMATIC ABUSERS who destroy and divide us. There you have it!! We The People MUST EXPOSE & DEFUND ALL THESE NEGATIVE ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES!!

Debunking Almost Every Republican Lie Against President Obama

kenneth clark doll experiment - YouTube