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✯ Salt ✯ Salt water is great for cleansing crystals. You can charge crystals with salt in the light of a full moon or other power astrological alignments. Also let them absorb the light of the Sun.

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Kitchen Witchery: A Compendium of Oils, Unguents, Incense, Tinctures, and Comestibles

Make Your Own Goddess Incense


Moonwater is imbued with the energy of the Full or New Moon. It is great for many spells, for ritual drink on full moons or Sabbats, or just for a little extra Goddess energy. Use a glass bottle/jar filled with water left under the moon overnight (a garden or a window sill will do fine) . Add a blessing: “Blessed Moon lend your strength and courage to the water I make this night. May it be filled with your ever lasting love and healing power.

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Triple Moon Goddess Altar Cloth - pagan wiccan witchcraft magick ritual supplies