Believe in your ability to heal and be healed. Love and Light... repinned by

Your body's ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.

Affirmations for healing your heart chakra ... I am loved. I forgive naturally and easily. I give and receive love freely. My heart is full. I welcome the difference of others. It is my nature to heal. I have so much to be grateful for. The love that I give comes back to me many times over. I am at peace. .

Goddess Bless

Reiki works whether you believe it will or not. Reiki has no dogma to believe. It is compatible with all religious faiths and paths. Once again, the energy is not the practitioner’s own, but the Universal Life Energy passing through the practitioner on its way to the client. As it passes through, it works on the practitioner, imparting benefits similar to those the client receives.❤️☀️

Be The Light

INSIGHTS: Our new journey has to be through GRACE. We are now firmly on the path of grace. All our past experiences are being acknowledged and released so that we may stand up and recognise our journey as one that is bringing heaven to earth. The vibration of the new. We are the ‘I Am’.

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Divine Play br Freydoon Rassouli

You were born to make art

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