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Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite Shadows Live in the Darkness by Mr Mark A. Anderson is a horror story for teenagers. The characters -- Charles, Myron, Joe, Karl, Kathleen and Ann Marie -- are just normal teenagers who find themselves in the midst of some disturbing happenings at night with eerie creatures and shadows walking around. They realize that there are some creepy things happening at night and they are out to find out the cause. The book has horror, intrigue…

This is another book in 'Karen Pirnot's Ordinary Kids' series which is aimed at pre-teen kids. The main characters in these stories face hurdles. Crighton, an energetic, friendly, popular kid who lives for sports, is diagnosed with leukaemia. Suddenly his life becomes completely different. He faces unpleasant chemotherapy and isn’t sure what will happen once the treatment is over. His parents are supportive, but Crighton can’t reach out to them. He is a strong kid, but

Hired to promote O’Connell Organic Farm and Spa, Dana Lewis finds herself becoming more of a farmhand than a spokesperson or promoter. But Dana doesn’t complain, doing her best to help out and only happy to be employed even if it means dealing with runaway ducks and pigs. Her sister Ashlee, on the other hand, is a bit of a drama queen and quite shocked to find out that her boyfriend, Bobby Joe, had been cheating on her. But when Bobby Joe ends up dead, things get compli

. "The Jericho River" by David Carthage is a fascinating coming-of-age story that follows the main character, Jason Gallo, on the search to find his father. Jason is swept into the dream-world called Fore, where his mission is to find and rescue his father by bringing him back to the real world. Fore is a land separated by a river that carries along with it much of Earth’s history, from the early days of the Fertile Crescent until modern times. Jason travels and searches a

Author Karin Cox does a great job of allowing the reader into the life of a young lady who interacts with a young man named Damien. They soon find themselves involved sexually and she finds herself carrying his child. Although this young baby doesn't have the best of environments to live in, this couple tries to do what is right. Their past is filled with regrets and mistakes and soon this young girl’s friend comes over for an afternoon away from the baby and gets her hig

John Stallings is on a mission to find a missing college student. The detective’s task hits close to home, since his own 16 year old daughter has been missing for the past three years. Now as he finds new clues to the missing frat boy’s disappearance, he finds that his daughter had known the missing young man, leaving more questions than answers. As John delves deeper into the mystery, a serial killer is on the loose and not just any killer, but a woman on a mission to

“The False Gwenevere” by Suzanne Shanken is a coming-of-age story. It’s a love story. It’s fiction at its best – well-developed characters like talking wolves, mean-spirited Bwaganods, Ellylldon faeries that kill humans and Mab, a benevolent queen with dual talents: Preparing a special wine that makes men appreciate the female experience and manipulating other people’s dreams. The main character, Gaenor, is a young woman on a quest to find her real father – no

With “The Prism of Ashlai”, Christine E. Schulze has penned a beautiful tale of a young orphaned girl destined to lead the fight against evil in her world. In spite of the recent devastation in her life, Ashlai is tasked with finding and recovering seven shards of a prism. She has one piece, left for her by the mother she has never known. She must find the other six, each held by someone with their own unique strengths, but Ashlai, who knows little of who she is or wher

“One Day for Me” is a book of short stories by award-winning author Sally Jenkins. With eight short stories, this collection runs the gamut from a very surprising and unexpected murderer, to the stressful disclosure to her sister that a woman’s boyfriend doesn’t really exist. Between those two very different tales are 6 more short stories, each with some kind of unforeseeable twist at the end, serving to make each story that much more entertaining. Although differen

"Albatross" by J.M.Erickson is an action and adventure thriller that tackles terrorism and national security in a fresh and exciting way. The story opens with an intelligence operative waking up to find himself tied to a straight-back chair, seemingly about to be interrogated. He soon discovers that there are neither negotiations nor concessions for him to offer his captors - they have all they want. What follows is a complex and credible plan set into action by four unlike