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When parents are poor, stressful and even abusive, eventually the child will learn from the adult and be more like the parents. And since this is the only thing the child sees, the child believes its the right thing to do. Bullying is known as a behavior, it is something people learn.

Homeless people depend on any hard surface to protect them from weather, even if it is a cardboard box, for many of them it's enough. Those who have homes often take is for granted, but the homeless would give any thing for a descent roof over their heads.

Roland Tiangco - Dirt Poster (2011) The back of the poster is covered with a fine black dust which, when rubbed against the white front, reveals the typography.


Child abuse, YOU can prevent it.

Child abuse, YOU can prevent it. http://arcreactions.creative and genius advertisement campaigns and sick promos that are unforgettable

Violence of language

Global Warming - Ask and Know, Realize and Act, The Cyprus Institute, artist unknown


下着コーディネートを自由に楽しむショップ「アンフィフルフル」ららぽーとTOKYO-BAYにオープン - 写真1


Bears Today, Carbon Tomorrow by Lori Miller, USA, for EDF. "A campaign to bring awareness to the effects of global warming on animals." #Expo2015 #Milan #WorldsFair