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Necklace 1860s Christie’s


Kuwayama jewellery

1960年代 お花モチーフ刺繍のレース付きつけ襟 - Antique Vintage fromUK

Garland style stomacher Chaumet.Circa 1906

つまみ細工の花のバレッタです。シックな紫と明るい白をコントラストにして制作しました。落ち着いた雰囲気の作品です。大きさは 横 およそ10㎝ 縦 およそ6㎝ くらいです。和装洋装どちらにもお使いいただけると思います。

Giardinetti Necklace, c. 1760, gold, silver, diaminds, emeralds, rubies, The giardinetti jewel of which this necklace is an important example demonstrates that passion for colour and flowers characteristic of the eighteenth century decorative arts was not reserved for ceramics and textiles but was also expressed in jewellery. Worn like a garland round the neck the flowers would add a festive note to the toilette of the woman who wore it, and delight the eyes of all who saw her.


Diamond, pearl and platinum brooch, circa 1920's.

デューイ燕尾ベストATELIER BOZ

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