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Queen Marie of Serbia. Wearing an emerald and Diamond kokoshnik once belonging to Grand Duchess Elizabeth of Russia, the sister of the ill fated Tsarina.

This impressive art deco tiara belonged to Queen Nazli Sabri of Egypt when she was the second wife of King Fuad; she wore it to her coronation in 1919

Gold, diamond, ruby and emerald miniature bracelet, the flexible band with centrepiece enclosing a portrait of Queen Victoria (1819-1901) wearing tiara on her head, earrings and pearls, flowers in her hair, facing three quarters front, within a diamond frame interspersed with four emeralds and four rubies. The back is inscribed MEINE THEUREN NICHTE STEFANIE VON VICTORIA RAM (9TEN MAI 1858) (MY DEAR NIECE STEPHANIE FROM VICTORIA R. (9 MAY 1858)). English.

Queen Marie of Romania wearing the diamond and sapphire kokoshnik which once belonged to Grand Duchess Vladimir

An Edwardian platinum, diamond and pearl tiara, British or French, circa 1907. The tiara with lattice, lace and foliate motifs, centring a bouton pearl measuring 1.4cm diameter, and set throughout with diamonds, the edges of the tiara frame millegrain set with diamonds, mounted in platinum. The central shell motif could be worn separately as a brooch but the fittings have been lost. #Edwardian #BelleEpoque #tiara

Queen Rania of Jordan wearing the emerald ivy tiara

Gold, silver, enamel, rock crystal, diamond, ruby and emerald oval pendant, hanging from rose diamond love trophy of Cupid's wedding torch and quiver of arrows held by a suspension loop. The centre of the rock crystal is encrusted with two rose diamond turtle doves in flight with an emerald and ruby branch of myrtle leaves and berries between them...

Queen Mary wearing the Delhi Durbar Tiara with Emeralds

Boucheron Harcourt Tiara. Gold, silver and diamond tiara, the base and top…

Queen Emma of the Netherlands