A GILT-METAL, KINGFISHER FEATHER AND SILVERED GLASS BEAD MOUNTED HEAD-DRESS, QING DYNASTY, 19TH CENTURY, probably used in Chinese Theatre, of tiara-like form, sprung with four butterflies across the crown, hung with glass beads, and tassled dragon motifs to either side

Kingfisher feather hairpin, Qing dynasty ( 1616-1912), China, kingfisher feathers, pearls, precious stones, gold

19th century

Woman's headdress (tien tzu) Phoenix crown Chinese, Qing dynasty, 19th century

Hair accessory for kimono, Kanzashi by Sakae, Japan

Chinese Moon Shaped Fan

《金魚鉢》 かんざし ガラス とんぼ玉 金魚 浴衣

A GROUP OF KINGFISHER FEATHER-EMBELLISHED GILT-METAL ORNAMENTS QING DYNASTY, 19TH CENTURY, Including a phoenix headdress with further glass bead and velvet embellishments; three hairpins; a butterfly-shaped hair ornament; and two pairs of earrings; together with a gold two-pronged hairpin, Various sizes, three cloth boxes (10)


The details of Karamon gate in Encho-ji, Kamakura, Japan

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