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Love this reminder from Brene Brown. #inspiration #motivation #quote #quotes #word

Beautiful~pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically....BellaDonna


True story: As time passes you'll not only be able to see a #growth #opportunity in whatever is stressing you out right now, you'll also be able to find a bit of #humor in it all. @notsalmon (click bird for more #motivational #quotes )

To some it doesn't matter even if you take 100% responsibility...they will still hold a grudge. It's sad how that works. Knowing you have made a mistake is one thing...admitting it is another...and still being punished for it after all that makes you feel like a fool for even admitting it in the first place...

Being strong doesn't mean you don't feel pain. It means you feel it & try to understand it so you can grow from it. @notsalmon


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I have to remind myself this every day. My support system had dwindled and the days have been harder and harder since I've come back. But I have to remember that this is temporary. All of this is for the better.