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The Presentation of the Virgin, National Gallery of Art PAOLO DI GIOVANNI FEI (Siena, 1345 – 1411) #TuscanyAgriturismoGiratola

Vroeg 15de eeuw. Polyptiek van Valleromita. Gentile da fabriano. Rempera op paneel.

Maestro di Figline

Giotto - Lazarus raised

Simone Martini ~ De heiligen Germinianus, Michael en Augustinus met engelen ~ ca. 1319 ~ Tempera met goud en zilver op hout ~ Elk 110 x 38 cm. ~ The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

Andrea da Firenze. Way of Salvation (detail) 1365-68 Fresco Cappella Spagnuolo, Santa Maria Novella, Florence

Giovanni del Biondo, Polyptych of the Annunciation with saints, 1380s, Santa Maria Novella. Commissioned by Madonna Andreola di Jacopo di Donato Acciaiouli, for her dead husband.

Pacino di Bonaguida (Florentine), died before 1340, active 1302-1340) The Chiarito Tabernacle

Jacopo di Cione - Madonna and Child; Annunciation; Crucifixion and Saints (Elizabeth of Hungary, Anthony the Abbott, Catherine of Alexandria, John the Baptist)

SIMONE DEI CROCEFISSI Throne of Grace with Four Saints 1360s Tempera on wood, 42 x 55 cm Akademie der bildenden Künste, Vienna This panel was the upper part of an altarpiece, the lower part of which is lost. In the panel the Holy Trinity as a Throne of Grace is represented as Majestas Domini with a mandorla borne by angels.