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Maybe a little overdone for my tastes, but generally like the idea of white lights for the backyard. Very Summer kind of feel.

Attach Solar Lights to Your Fence

Solar lights attached to your fence to create backyard security and ambience.

Enough water and just a touch of fertilizers

Casual Porch and Patio Dining


Bamboo Lights~

The idea of an arbor covering the narrow side yard between the house and the fence is so appealing... Especially if the house next door is two-story. It allows the house so much privacy and creates the opportunity for a "secret garden" viewable from indoors... Water feature, flowers, bird feeders whatever you desire... Would be nice between house and detached garage too. So beautiful

Potted bench

サンルーム From (July 31, 2013)

beautiful yard

今ごろバラの植え替え - ようこそブルーガーデンへ

もう遅いかな・・・寒いのと・・なんやかや忙しかったのとで今頃バラの植え替えをしています。 ここにはケアフリーワンダーここから育てて・・板壁周辺を覆い尽くすのが夢です。今年、少しは咲いてくれるかしら?   そして、ここには 昨年グリームズガーデンさんで買った ボルデュール アブリコ鉢に植えようかと思ったけど、ここに鉢は似合わないと思ったの、 デルバール ボルデュール アブリコ【バラ…