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Probably the Most Beautiful of the Earliest Surviving Scientific Codices Circa 512

Vanilla, the vanilla orchids, form a flowering plant genus of about 110 species in the orchid family (Orchidaceae).Subfamily: Vanilloideae. Tribe: Vanilleae. Elizabeth Blackwell was the artist and engraver of A Curious Herbal in 1737-1739,

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Dioscorides' book, De Materia Medica, is one of the oldest known treatise on medicinal plants. Leaf 29, verso. Plant image of plantain (Plantago asiatica L., Fam plantaginea)

川原慶賀の見た江戸時代の日本は オランダと日本の慶賀作品を紹介します。

appendixjournal: A detail from the Cruz-Badiano Codex, made in Mexico in 1552.  “At first glance, this marvelous codex resembles a typical medieval herbal. A closer look, however, reveals a fascinating blend of European and Aztec cultures. The codice can be viewed as a form of expression of the Nahua in a context of increased European influence and as a manner of dealing with a changing reality.” Via.

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Codex Sloane 4016 is a 15th century Italian parchment manuscript belonging to a class of books known as herbals. These medicinal treatises recorded knowledge accumulated in the oral tradition about plants believed to possess therapeutic properties.

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Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) from the Vienna Dioscorides, 500CE Mugwort, beloved since ancient times, has endless magical uses and can be smoked, drunk as a tea or beer or wine flavouring, burned as incense or smudge, infused into oils or flying ointments, and added to magical sachets or potions. It is closely related to wormwood and, like its relative, contains the active alkaloid thujone. It is mildly mind-altering and has long been used as a visionary herb to enhance psychic…