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Comparison of galactolipid biosynthetic pathways in cyanobacteria, red algae, and green plants. The mgdE gene encodes the epimerase that catalyzes the conversion of glucolipids (GlcDG) to galactolipids (MGDG). Only cyanobacteria have this gene. In contrast, in red algae and green plants, MGDG is directly synthesized by transfer of galactose to diacylglycerol. © 2014 Naoki Sato. #UTokyoResearch

Schematic of phase transition from an insulating to metallic state observed when shining light on a charge-ordered insulator as localized charge carriers become mobile simultaneously. During phase transition, multiple charge carriers are generated from one photon, called multiple carrier generation. In order to utilize this phenomenon in a photovoltaic device, it is necessary to invoke the photoinduced phase transition at the interface of a heterojunction. © 2014 Masao Nakamura…

Correlation between the rotational velocity around the Galactic center and the stellar surface iron abundance (Fe/H). © Kohei Hattori. #UTokyoResearch

Discovery of copper-based oxide magnets that host a quantum liquid robust against disorder. #UTokyoResearch

Agrammatism is a disorder of syntactic processes in the brain. Four visual stimuli used in a picture-sentence matching task, differential activation patterns for the normal group and three patient groups, and perspective drawings of the three syntax-related networks (red, green, and blue) are shown. © Sakai Lab. #UTokyoResearch

We are made of star stuff. ~Carl Sagan~

dFOMA imaging reveals unsuspected non-linearity in information processing governed by synaptic Ca2+-dependent enzymes, CaMKIIalpha and calcineurin, which are activated during synaptic plasticity and learning & memory. © The Authors. #UTokyoResearch

Process for introducing rotavirus antibody gene into rice genome and characteristics of the antibody produced, MucoRice-ARP1. © Yoshikazu Yuki. #UTokyoResearch

An example of the result of ChIP-sequence analysis. Binding of various proteins to the genome DNA of Xenopus tropicalis embryos is presented as a peak. Through binding to DNA, these proteins are suggested to regulate chordin, which is an important gene during early development. This study has shown that Otx2 and Lim1 bind to the upstream region of the chordin gene to turn it on in the organizer. © 2014 Yuuri Yasuoka and Masanori Taira. #UTokyoResearch

The causative gene for HMSN-P was discovered employing next generation sequencers. © Hiroyuki Ishiura. #UTokyoResearch