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Coahuilaceratops magnacuerna.

"A mother Tyrannosaurus rex, with her two Juvenile offspring in-tow, stop for a Drink in what is now Montana, 67-million Years ago. However, they are not the only Beasts in these Woods. Their Presence have alerted a band of Triceratops, their massive Bodies making a literal Wall of Horns and Frills. However, the three Tyrant's bellies are already Full."

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恐竜+アート?「ランツェンドルフ古生物アート賞」受賞アーティストが描く古の世界がスゴイ! | nanapi [ナナピ]

Quartz and Elbaite

Triceratops skeleton

John B. #Abbott excavating a #dinosaur femur

Monsters from Mexico by ~HodariNundu on deviantART | “Harassed by a pack of albertosaurs, a huge bull Coahuilaceratops magnacuerna struggles to free himself from a mud trap. Meanwhile, two Labocania are attracted by the smells and noises, hoping to get an easy meal.”

Geology of North America - map

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