Adolf Hitler kisses the hand of the Duchess of Windsor as her husband the Duke looks on, admiringly. They visited Germany in 1937 before WWII broke out. At the beginning of the war, the Windsors were whisked out to safe haven in the Bahamas, he served out the war years as governor. There he could do Britain little harm - and he was less likely of being kidnapped by the Germans who were reportedly interested in installing him as a puppet king in a conquered Great Britain under German rule.

Dr Duncan Salkeld discovered part of the evidence in the diary of Philip Henslowe, the theatre owner who built the Rose Theatre (right) and whose acting company was a rival to Shakespeare¿s

Greek children under the Nazi occupation.

Dear Ladies.... If someone tells you to have babies for your country or your race please note this was a strong theme in Nazi propaganda.

Adolf Hitler in berechtesgaden

The original ice water challenge. This was a torture tactic used by slave masters, in order to control and break strong, Black males or "bucks".

II Guerra

Photojournalist Henri Huet covered the Vietnam War and was killed in 1971 when the helicopter he was in was shot down over Laos. His mother was Vietnamese.

Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874 - 1942), author of Anne of Green Gables, which was first published in 1908.

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