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Adolf Hitler kisses the hand of the Duchess of Windsor as her husband the Duke looks on, admiringly. They visited Germany in 1937 before WWII broke out. At the beginning of the war, the Windsors were whisked out to safe haven in the Bahamas, he served out the war years as governor. There he could do Britain little harm - and he was less likely of being kidnapped by the Germans who were reportedly interested in installing him as a puppet king in a conquered Great Britain under German rule.

The real Claus von Stauffenberg who was behind the 1944 plot to kill Hitler. He was executed and deemed a traitor until later years when Germans build a memorial to him and the others behind the attempt to save the destruction of Germany from Hitler.

Keloid scars are shown in 1946 on a 17-year-old who had been about 2.5 kilometers from the center of the atomic bomb blast in Nagasaki.

During WWII Myrna Loy abandoned her acting career to focus on the war effort and worked closely with the Red Cross. She toured frequently to raise war fonds, and was so outspokenly against Adolf Hitler that her name appeared on his blacklist.

Erwin Rommel, Tobruk, 1941.

Jimmy Stewart was rejected from the WWII draft for being too skinny, and kept applying until he had gained enough weight. The army tried to give him the celebrity treatment, have him make training films and sell bonds. He fought against it and instead became a fighter pilot, flying over 20 missions in Nazi occupied Europe. He retired a Brigadier General of the USAF.

Agusti Centelles. Spanish Civil War 1936-39. // Agustí Centelles [died 1985] was one of the most respected Spanish photojournalists. He made history visible across a wide range of events in Spanish history, including being the only photographer known to have made pictures in Barcelona on the first day of the Spanish Civil War in July, 1936.

The man who saved the world... 50 years ago, at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, second-in-command Vasilli Arkhipov of the Soviet submarine B-59 refused to agree with his Captain's order to launch nuclear torpedos against US warships and setting off what might well have been a terminal superpower nuclear war. His story is finally being told - the BBC is airing a documentary on it.

Le Rafle (The Round Up) Early in the morning of July 16, 1942, the French police arrested over 13,000 Jews including 4,000 children and detained them at the Vélodrome. Kept under horrendous, unsanitary conditions for days, they were then shipped to the transit camp at Drancy and on to Auschwitz. Almost all of them died.... About 76,000 Jews were deported from France between 1940 and 1944. Only 2,500 are believed to have survived the death and concentration camps.