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This Week in Space Pictures – April 12, 2013 by John Williams on April 12, 2013 TWISP-April12_600

Comet ISON, as seen on October 21, 2013 from Marion, Ohio, USA (via Universe Today) -- New photos and a time lapse of Comet ISON from earlier this week.

"I part out thrusting branches, and come in beneath the blessed and the blessing trees." "Though I am silent, there is singing around me." "Though I am dark, there is light around me." "Though I am heavy, there is flight around me." | "Woods" by Wendell Berry

Astronomy Without A Telescope – Black Hole Entropy (via Universe Today) -- Interesting topic about which I am writing a brief paper.

Maravilhoso - Tokyo, Japan

New Crater Names Approved for Mercury’s South Pole & More (via Universe Today) - I'm thrilled to see that Madeline L'Engle is being honoured with a crater.

Miyako-jima island, Okinawa, Japan 宮古島 沖縄

Listen to the Sounds of Interstellar Space, Recorded by Voyager 1 (via Universe Today, credit: NASA/JPL)

ピンもと:Cassini: Mission to Saturn

Taking Earth's Picture from Nearly 900 Million Miles Away

Taking Earth's Picture from Nearly 900 Million Miles Away, from Saturn. (via JPL) - Don't forget to wave at Saturn today at 21:27 UTC!

SPACE space space space...