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This Week in Space Pictures – April 12, 2013 by John Williams on April 12, 2013 TWISP-April12_600

Comet ISON, as seen on October 21, 2013 from Marion, Ohio, USA (via Universe Today) -- New photos and a time lapse of Comet ISON from earlier this week.

Astronomy Without A Telescope – Black Hole Entropy (via Universe Today) -- Interesting topic about which I am writing a brief paper.

Size of Andromeda if it were brighter!

Taking Earth's Picture from Nearly 900 Million Miles Away

Taking Earth's Picture from Nearly 900 Million Miles Away, from Saturn. (via JPL) - Don't forget to wave at Saturn today at 21:27 UTC!

"I part out thrusting branches, and come in beneath the blessed and the blessing trees." "Though I am silent, there is singing around me." "Though I am dark, there is light around me." "Though I am heavy, there is flight around me." | "Woods" by Wendell Berry

The Hertzsprung-Russell diagram (HR diagram, for short, shown above.) A single star doesn’t tell you all that much about stars in general. But if you plot the brightnesses and colors of many stars, patterns begin to emerge – such as the distinctive broad band of the “main sequence” bisecting the HR diagram diagonally, the realm of the giants and supergiants to its upper right and the White Dwarfs below on the left.

Maravilhoso - Tokyo, Japan

SPACE space space space...

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