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Under Fire -- A Leatherneck moves out under intense enemy .50 caliber machine gun fire during heavy street fighting taking place in the old Imperial Capital of Hue. Brigadier General Edwin H. Simmons Collection ~ Vietnam War

Marine machinegunner at the Battle of Hue, 1968. ~ Vietnam War

MACVSOG elite soldier in the Vietnam war

Marines effectively use walls and buildings as cover during their advance against the enemy.

World War II History on

Marine firing a Browning M1917 machine gun on Iwo Jima, February, 1945. | BE045755 | 05 Feb 1968, Hue, Vietnam --- 2/5/1968-Hue, South Vietnam: A U.S. Marine ducks for cover while radioing information during fierce fighting here. The Marines stormed in to enemy held houses, throwing canisters of tear gas and non poisonous nausea gas, but enemy forces donned gas masks and held onto most of the city. U.S. officers reported that the stiff resistance by the enemy meant that the battle for hue could drag on for days, perhaps even weeks…

Vietnamese soldier being tortured by American troop | BE045725 | 06 Feb 1968, Hue, South Vietnam --- 2/6/1968-Hue, South Vietnam: A Vietnamese civilian appears in a window of a bullet-scarred house in Hue, Feb. 4, as U.S. Marines fought house-to-house against firmly entrenched Communists. A U.S. spokesman said Feb. 6th that Marines hauled down the Communist flag flying over the ancient imperial capital and recaptured it after seven days of fighting. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS


Berlin May 1945: The majestic entrance to a building in the German capital bears all the scars of the bitter fighting. Parked and ruined in front of the building is a Volkswagen Schwimmwagen literally a "VW Swim Wagon." Otherwise known as Type 166 this VW remains the most numerous mass-produced amphibious car in history. Only 163 are known by the Schwimmwagen Registry to remain today and only 13 have survived without restoration work.