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The soldier McKeating, driver of a Jeep ambulance, and the soldier LF McCadam, the Ambulance No. 23 assigned to the 9th Infantry Brigade of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division, carry two stretchers with injured . Before the Memorial Basly, June 27, 1944.

Soldado alemán capturado en St. Mere Eglise, 1944.

Two Canadian Sherman tanks in liberated Den Haag (may 1945).

A casualty is brought in by jeep to a 3rd Division regimental aid post near Caen, 9 July 1944.

January 1944: column of Panzer IV Ausf. H from Pz.-Regt. 35 (4. Pz.-Div.) on Eastern front.


World War II History on

A German 88 mm gun on the coast in southern France.

Jeep during Operation Market Garden in 1944

日向は、大日本帝国海軍の戦艦で伊勢型戦艦の2番艦。 太平洋戦争中盤、航空戦艦に改造されたが、「航空戦艦」という呼称は便宜上のものであり、 正式な艦籍は戦艦のままであった。 艦名の由来は宮崎県の旧国名からで、艦内神社は宮崎神宮からの分神。 この艦名は帝国海軍ではこの艦のみで、 戦後、海上自衛隊のひゅうが型護衛艦の1番艦「ひゅうが」に引き継がれた。

The fast moving pace of WW2 brought with it a need for rapid evacuation of wounded personnel. Some units began to adapt vehicles at their disposal for carrying litters. The ubiquitous and sturdy 1/4-Ton Truck was one of the preferred vehicles to be modified and adapted. Many of these modifications were done in the field by the medical personnel themselves, although sometime towards the end of the war, the then Surgeon General requested that each Division drew up plans of their modifications.