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The soldier McKeating, driver of a Jeep ambulance, and the soldier LF McCadam, the Ambulance No. 23 assigned to the 9th Infantry Brigade of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division, carry two stretchers with injured . Before the Memorial Basly, June 27, 1944.

Two U.S. soldiers, Pfc William Jackson and T4 Joseph King (1st Infantry Division) are sitting on a donkey. 8th July 1944. In the background is a billboard advertising the furniture store of Julien Lenoir, a collaborateur of the Gestapo in Caen. The village was liberated on June 13 at 09:00 a.m. by F Company of the 26th Infantry Regiment of the 1st Infantry Division with support from the 743rd Tank Battalion against the German Infantry Division 277.


A member of the 2107th Ordnance-Ammunition Battalion inspects a store of 4,000-pound bombs, some under camouflage netting, along the roadside at the Sharnbrook Ordnance Depot in Bedfordshire, England (July 1943). Note how the Jeep shows the comparative size of the blockbuster munitions.

Two Canadian Sherman tanks in liberated Den Haag (may 1945).

D-Day, Juno Beach - Soldiers of the 3rd Canadian infantry division hit the beaches of Normandy and begin the deadliest run of their lives. the first wave was captured by a camera on board a landing craft.

The eyes of war, World War I.

A casualty is brought in by jeep to a 3rd Division regimental aid post near Caen, 9 July 1944.

US_Army_4th_Infantry_Division_Troops_on_Utah_Red_Beach_D-Day_Normandy_1944 - WAR HISTORY ONLINE

British Commando troops of the 50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division coming ashore from LCIs (Landing Craft Infantry) Gold Beach, D-Day - 1944 The infantry, the humble foot soldiers, now about to fulfil their classical role." Troops storm ashore near La Riviere. Imperial War Museum, London