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Chemosphere, John Lautner - Mid-Century Modern Landmark, private home of the book publisher Benedikt Taschen

john lautner: chemosphere pedestal house. John Lautner was so original it is hard for me to categorize him as modern or mid-century. I am putting Chemosphere in Mid-Century because of when it was conceived.

Stained Glass Staircase, Kanagawa, Japan


AD Classics: Malin "Chemosphere" Residence / John Lautner

AD Classics: Malin “Chemosphere” Residence / John Lautner - © Sara Sackner

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John Lautner's 1960 Chemosphere House in L.A. The tension between individual and community, privacy and companionship, crystallizes in the 1960 Chemosphere House, one of his most celebrated works.