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Don't we all strive for this level of love? The freedom of spiritual love instead of weighing a persons qualities or faults. Oh to find a women who allowed me to be - in all my strength and weakness

#Native American Proverb ~

Native American Indian Wisdom

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It is not the man who has little but he who desire more that is poor....♥♥

【月刊】永久脱毛の料金比較マガジン | 永久脱毛できるのはクリニックの医療レーザーだけ!ここでは全身、VIO、ワキなどの永久脱毛の料金を比較します。

Spend your times with those that love you unconditionally. Don't wast it on those that only love you when the conditions are right for them.

【月刊】永久脱毛の料金比較マガジン | 永久脱毛できるのはクリニックの医療レーザーだけ!ここでは全身、VIO、ワキなどの永久脱毛の料金を比較します。

Love this quote && the dreamcatcher backdrop :) ...This is beautiful. Truly beautiful. :) I love the way many Native Americans look/looked at life. :)