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Vulnerability is the only authentic state. Being vulnerable means being open, for wounding, but also for pleasure. Being open to the wounds of life means also being open to the bounty and beauty. Don’t mask or deny your vulnerability: it is your greatest asset. Be vulnerable: quake and shake in your boots with it. the new goodness that is coming to you, in the form of people, situations, and things can only come to you when you are vulnerable, i.e. open ―Stephen Russell

The heart is the inner face of your life. The human journey strives to make this inner face beautiful. It is here that love gathers within you. Love is absolutely vital for a human life. For love alone can awaken what is divine within you. In love, you grow and come home to your self. When you learn to love and let yourself be loved, you come home to the hearth of your own spirit. You are warm and sheltered --John O'Donohue, Anam Cara


"Be kind to yourself while blooming. I know sometimes it feels like your soul doesn't always fit. Its all a part of the process." ~Emery Allen ..*


羽衣素馨 Jasminum polyonthum Franch. モクセイ科ソケイ属の蔓性常緑灌木


Lovelorn / karen cox. Her soul was music, but it was sad. It cried and laughed, wishing for the past and a better future.