Pinterest • 世界中のおしゃれアイデアまとめ

" Life force energy field "

The Human Energy Field The “aura” or “human energy field” is a field of energy which surrounds and penetrates the body. The aura underlies and supports the functioning of the body. Contained within the aura are the energetic aspects of every structure and function of the body, as well as everything that we experience (physical sensations, thoughts, feelings, states of consciousness, etc.)

The Gayatri Mantra I have this tattooed on my left forearm. A reminder of sorts, and the shanti mantra on the right forearm:)

Chakras, or energy centers, function as pumps or valves, regulating the flow of energy through our energy systems. The functioning of the chakras reflect decisions we makes concerning how we choose to respond to conditions in our life. We open and close these valves when we decide what to think, and what to feel, and through which perceptual filter we choose to experience the world around us.

Affirmations for healing your heart chakra ... I am loved. I forgive naturally and easily. I give and receive love freely. My heart is full. I welcome the difference of others. It is my nature to heal. I have so much to be grateful for. The love that I give comes back to me many times over. I am at peace. .

【 DNA repair anti-aging】Babble of the river+Solfeggio 528 Hz 若返り・DNA修復・記憶力UP・病気治療 ソルフェジオ528Hz+自然の音 - YouTube

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