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Agate cameo, emerald, diamond, silver and gold pendant, circa 1870.

Antique Shell Cameo Brooch Depicting Venus And Diana With Dove And Owl, Framed By Seed Pearls, In Gold Mount c.1800-1906

Onyx cameo head of a negress facing in profile towards the left, magnificently habillee in gold and rose diamond jewels like an Empress diamond necklace fringed with drop shaped pendants, huge gold crescent and girandole earring, bandeau tied with a knot over brow with plume linked by festoon chains and pendants to jewelled net over chignon at the back of the head...

Napoleon I cameo pendant. Double-sided pendant, the front set with an onyx cameo portrait of Napoleon I facing in profile towards the right, crowned with diamond laurel leaves tied with ribbons, the drapery at the neck similarly set with diamonds, fastened with a brooch bearing the cipher N and pinned with golden bees. The lapis lazuli plaque at the back bears a chased golden eagle gripping a thunderbolt in its claws. Mounted in a plain gold frame with suspension loop. Signed MORELLI.

Victorian Cameo Pin with Diamonds

Gold diamond cameo

Gold jewel set with two onyx cameo busts of Louis XIII (1601-1643) and Anne of Austria (1601-1666) facing towards each other within a frame of acanthus leaves, interspersed with table-cut diamonds and surmounted by a Royal crown, similarly-set. French, 2nd half of the 17th century.

Antique Cameos: old victorian, shell, coral and hardstone cameos, vintage jewellery

Ptolemaic Queen as Demeter, cameo: circa 200s – 100s B.C., sapphire: 11th…

Antique malachite cameo in a gold frame, enamelled black in twist pattern, with with four emeralds in box settings . The cameo represents Mithreidates, King of Pontus, facing towards the left, after the marble in the Capitoline Museum, Rome, Cameo c.1830, frame c.1870