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the black-throated mango hummingbird (anthracocothorax nigricollis), is a mainly south american hummingbird species. it breeds in panama south to northeastern bolivia, southern brazil and northern argentina. from emuwren

Green-throated Mango (Anthracothorax viridigula) is a hummingbird that breeds from northeastern Venezuela, Trinidad and the Guianas south to northeasterm Brazil.

Rufous-tailed Coronet and Fawn-breasted Brilliant

Blue-capped Tanager. Northern South America

Ecuadorean Female Sword-bill

The white-necked jacobin (Florisuga mellivora) is a large and attractive hummingbird that ranges from Mexico south to Peru, Bolivia and south Brazil. It is also found on Tobago and in Trinidad, but breeding has not been proved on the latter island.

The Green Hermit (Phaethornis guy) is a large hummingbird that is a resident breeder from southern Central America (Costa Rica and Panama) south to northern South America (north-eastern Venezuela and Trinidad, and the northern Andes of eastern Peru).

White-bellied Woodstars (male and female)