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Pinterest でおしゃれアイデアをまとめましょう!

Boil cauliflower, snap peas, cabbage. Mix with canned tuna, salt, pepper, olive oil, lemon juice, and a little soy sauce.

Rice mixed with scallion, pepper, soy sauce and sesame oil, then wrapped in thin pieces of pork dusted with salt, pepper, potato starch, pan fried with mirin, soy sauce sugar.

Chicken thigh meat, small mushrooms, sweet potato, dusted with salt, pepper and potato starch and pan fried. Add in soy sauce, mirin, sake, sugar and honey until sauce is thick.

Chicken marinaded in soy sauce. Pan fry chicken with cabbage, onion, carrots, broccoli in sesame oil. Mix in ginger, chicken bouillon, soy sauce, sake, salt, pepper and a little bit of potato starch until sauce is thickened.

Okra, ground pork, onion, carots, burdock, shiitake, salt and pepper formed into balls, dusted in flour, dipped in egg and rolled in breadcrumbs and then fried in miso, soup stock, mirin sake and olive oil.

Beef, dusted in salt, pepper, garlic powder and pan fried. Mix soy sauce, mirin, sake, honey, oyster sauce, doubanjiang and ginger, pour over meat and cook until sauce is thickened.

Beef, onion, carrot, potato konjac (type of root) noodles cooked in a pan with 2 cups of soup stock, sake, mirin, soy sauce, sugar.

Beef roast, asparagus dusted with salt, pepper and potato starch. Pan fried with a sauce made of oyster sauce, mirin, soy cause, sake, hot pepper, ginger roasted sesame seeds and sesame oil. Cook until thickened.

Japanese egg omelette mixed with Japanese mustard spinach, powder cheese, soy sauce and Chirimenjako (dried tiny sardines).

Rice made with chrysanthemum (?), bacon, salt, pepper, sesame oil and a sunny side up quail egg.