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Classical Yoshiki♡.♡



Yoshiki. I just love in the moment pictures, he's so cute :) He is music and light together.

Yoshiki Classical Album Cover! Totally bought it the day I heard of it. Anniversary and Miracle always on replay.

X Japan Yoshiki Hayashi

Yoshiki. So close to seeing him in Costa Mesa. . . Damn. Love you.^_^

Hayashi Yoshiki. X Japan. Love him, I really do admire this man, he puts his all into his work. Such a beautiful person. ♡.♡

I ❤ X Japan! My ultimate favorite band. Seriously love them, they bring out all kinds of emotions from me. So so glad I came across their music and also glad they're still continuing today. Pata, Heath, Yoshiki♡, Toshi, Sugizo, Hide(RIP) and Taiji(RIP). Love you all.♡

Muse. ;)