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X-Men: Days of Future Past,Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver,Evan Moie正在治疗拖延症 Man. I like this Quicksilver so much better than the other one. C'mon, you know he's a cutie ^^

Quicksilver - X-Men: Days of Future Past I like to think Quicksilver is like, 'Imma have two Dads now'

Vampire Jubilee by Jennyson Allan Rosero *

Marvel's mutant speedster Quicksilver from X-Men Days of Future Past, by KDash.

X-Men:Days of Future Past:illustrations conceptuelles de Quicksilver

By Doubleleaf on Deviantart (: I loved Charles and Erik in this movie- itwas even cooler 'cause we got to know their backstory + they're sort of really attractive

Like for X-men quicksilver, re-pin for Pietro in Avengers! i did both