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Coy fish drawing for the coworker as a tattoo

The Gold Carp (higoi) / Utagawa Toyokuni (Japanese Ukiyo-e Printmaker, ca.1769 - 1825). He was one of the heads of the renowned Utagawa school of Japanese woodblock artists, and was the person who really moved it to the position of great fame and power it occupied for the rest of the nineteenth century.

Never thought I'd like a Koi fish tattoo...but I'd totally get this one.

Celtic Knots and Their Meanings | ... meanings worked into a heart, a chain, or even a Celtic knot

koi fish with cherry blossom tattoos | Koi Fish And Cherry Blossoms Horitoyo Traditional Tattoos

Ever growing, ever changing. The nautilus shell consists of ever-larger chambers in which the sea creature lives for a while until it outgrows that particular chamber. Once it grows a new, larger chamber it cannot go back to the previous ones; they no longer fit. It has no choice but to move on. Yet, the old chambers are still a part of who they are. Your past defines who you are, you don't necessarily have to go back to your old ways but they are still apart of who you are today.

Chronic Ink Tattoo - Toronto Tattoo Custom Koi fish and lotus sketch by David.

Japanese pattern

Should be doing this within the next week or so...can't wait... The lovely face were actually provided by the same woman: Big fan of her work. The smile was referenced from: The frown was reference...