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Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum) is a type of salamander that spends its life in the form of larvae. This unique nan exotic animals sometimes referred to as "Mexican Walking Fish" because he looks like a fish that has hands and feet. However, the Axolotl is not actually a type of fish, but rare type of salamander found in Mexico City.

Axolotl c: (anyone get the animal crossing reference?) These are Mexican Salamanders, or Mexican Walking Fish. Though they aren't fish.. they're amphibians.

Axolotl #Salamander

So pretty! #Axolotl #Salamander

淡水魚タンク,熱帯淡水魚,淡水水族館,熱帯魚,夢,外来魚,フェデリコ・再構築,素晴らしい魚,Freshwater Goldfish



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