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セバスチャンいまいましいです,セバスチャン・スタン️,Sebstan,愛らしいシナモン,Sebby Seb,Sebastain Stan,Rich Purnell,Watney Doesn'T,Babe

セバスチャン・スタンマッドハッター,なぜそれほど深刻,私は恋しています,私はあなたを憎む,水色のスーツ,Sebastian Doesn'T,Serious Face,Hate Blue,Longer Hate

hannahrhen: “ thebollyknickers: “ greedy-fly: “ for bollyknickers ” *HEAVY BREATHING* thank yoooou ” Can you put something on auto-reblog? Because I nominate this. ”

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The caption! Steve and Bucky - Everyone knows that Steve looks up to Bucky. It is more seldom that people point out his admiration for Steve.

セバスチャン・スタン冬の兵士,冬の兵士ブッキー,きれい髪,熱い兵士,Winter Solider,Soldier 3,Soldier Heart,Soldier'S Arm,Bucky Bear

Actually, I don't remember this at all! Oh honestly, you children act like the WS was all about the tragic bromance of the ages. Pish-posh.


Is Sebastian Stan Actually Your Soulmate?

Find out if the star of The Bronze is your ~one true love~.