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Moon and Stars Art Print Elegant Paper Cut by missquitecontrary

REDRUM, ♯シャイニング♯The Shining♯1980♯Movie♯horror♯ニコルソン♯キング


Pieces of Me. A Romantic Thriller By Shiloh Walker Title: Pieces of Me Author: Shiloh Walker | @shilohwalker Genre: Romantic Thriller Nobody knows that better than Shadow Harper. It seemed like a dream come true when a rich suave older man noticed her during her second year of college. Stefan Stockman seemed to love her obsessively. He came into her life and swept her off her feet seduced her married herand then slowly eventually that dream come true became a living nightmare. Now three…

Marianna Mills Walking Away 2013 the real title for this painting is "Facing your Fears" The reason I had to give a title of 'walking away" is, because I didn't wanted to scare people. I didn't wanted people think of me I am depressed but every time I see this painting on my art studio wall, I still have that feeling in me when I created it. Sometimes in life you ca not walk away from bad things, you have to face it, you have to deal with it and I am still dealing with it up this day.

archatlas: “ Visible Darkness by Shuwei Liu In the words of the artist Shuwei Liu: “Visible darkness” is a part of my “Blue” trilogy. The title’s inspired by Derek Jarman’s “Blue is darkness made visible”, which also implies the fear of losing sight...

Darth Maul Epitomizes the Dark Side Star Wars: Darth Maul #1 explores Darth Mauls years prior to the events of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. The chapter opens with a demonstration of a younger Darth Mauls fighting prowess. Seeking out the most dangerous creatures in the galaxy to hunt for sport Darth Maul fights his way through a pack of Rathtars. Fear. Anger. Hate. These are the weapons of the Sith. Darth Maul has all three in spades. He feels like Darth Sidius is misusing him by not…

There's thousands of great audiobooks for kids, but this is a less overwhelming list to get started with! ;-)


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