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Lobi Bateba Phuwe Figure, Burkina Faso

Baule Female Statue, Ivory Coast. This magnificent standing female figure is the work of an unknown Baule master, active in the 19th and early 20th century in central Ivory Coast. Sculptures by this artist are distinguished by the overall refinement of the carving and the fairly naturalistic body proportions.

From Woyo family living in Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo, I will introduce a mask that has been subjected to paint a magical.

Bateba Phuwe Burkina Faso, Lobi The Lobi differentiate between four types of "bateba" protective figures: "bateba phuwe" (the so-called "ordinary bateba"), "bateba bambar" ("paralyzed bateba"), "bateba ti puo" ("dangerous persons") and "bateba ti bala" ("the extraordinary persons"). Present figure belongs to the type of "ordinary bateba", because it shows no special gesture or any physiological symptom.

Sugar by Amanda Louise Spayd Oh no! It's the sugar monster!! And he's so cute. Turn away before your teeth start falling out.

Lobi Bateba Duntundara ('Bateba Phuwe' Ordinary Figure), Burkina Faso

torafu, water, light, projection

A Lobi sculptue of Dah Bimtiote, Bouna region, Ivory Coast, search

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