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A group of African Japanese.

【1863年頃】明治時代の日本の写真が英メール紙で紹介される。→海外の反応www - <!--antennash,ct,48,antennash-->日本

Circa 1920s. Marriages between Chinese men and African American women were not uncommon in Texas, in the South and throughout the Caribbean in the late 1800s.

1920's. Until the mid-nineteenth century, Japanese maps generally did not include the island of Hokkaido, then known as Ezo. Although it now constitutes some 21% of Japan’s total land mass, until the 19th century it was still seen by the Japanese as a mysterious foreign land inhabited by a savage people. These people were the Ainu, a distinct race with a unique culture and language. By the 1830s, interaction and exploration had given the Japanese an increasing amount of knowledge about Ezo.

African American x Cherokee

Senior Ainu Chief, Ekashmatok Ekashi, Shiraoi Village

aromansoul: Chinese armor. Tang dynasty. First is a royal guard, similar to a samurai and the second is a northern foot soldier. non-westernhistoricalfashion: Here are more shots of the costumes in the post with the armor. As nextian pointed out, they are indeed from the film The Banquet. You can see the still of Zhang Ziyi in the background.

Chinese Holocaust - WWII - Read the book "THE RAPE OF NANKING"

1920's. An Ainu woman playing the Mukkuri (a Jew’s harp). The Mukkuri is a traditional Ainu musical instrument played by women. It is made of carefully cut bamboo with two strings, and measures about 10 by 1.5 cm (3.9 by 0.6 inches). The player vibrates the tongue cut out of the bamboo by pulling one of the strings, while holding the instrument in front of the mouth. Volume and tone colors are changed by changing the shape of the mouth.