Mamma okapi and her baby

Dallas Zoo Welcomes 36th Okapi Calf. Okapi = Zebra, Giraffe, Horse Mix

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Young Okapi spend the first couple of days after birth following their mother and exploring. They then make a nest in a good hiding place. They will spend almost the entirety of the next 2 months there! If a predator is nearby, the young will remain motionless in the nest while the mother defends it.

The latest Tweets from TOON MART 店長 (@toon_mart). 特殊造形&キャラクターデザイン工房TOON MART 店長 西脇です。着ぐるみ・特殊装具衣装・小道具等の造形やデザインを生業にしています。 【ご注意】➡︎特殊メイク。フィギュア。版権元からの許可がおりていないキャラクター衣装や造形物の金銭取引を伴う制作依頼。これらに関しては受注お断りしております。. 日本 東京

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Mare and her 'matching' foal

A new rare okapi was born in Animal Kingdom.


Brookfield Zoo, in Chicago, Illinois, is excited to share photos of ‘Will’, a male Okapi born at the zoo on April 21. Born to first-time mom, ‘Augusta K.’, Will is currently behind the scenes, but he can be seen via a live video feed that is set up in the zoo’s “Habitat Africa! The Forest”. Check out ZooBorns to learn more and see more!

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