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Gabriel. Die Hard 4

Timothy Olyphant

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Timothy Olyphant Shares Justified's Leftover Whiskey With Conan - Timothy Olyphant

Kiran: "I could sail forever you know, on the ocean. Out here you feel so small, yet so incredibly important. And for a moment you set a ripple in motion that changed the course of the future"

Timothy Olyphant - timothy-olyphant Photo

Raylan tips his hat

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Timothy Olyphant ...he is just too hot!

TIMOTHY OLYPHANT: I went MILD instead of wild. I don’t want to chase anyone away. I’m really just a nice girl who occasionally likes to play. Naughty or nice, I can always throw down a rhyme, but Tim is welcomed to handcuff me for obscenity anytime! #TimothyOlyphant #Justified #RaylanGivens