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Leaders of First Crusade - 19th-century illustration, "The four leaders of the First Crusade.--Godfrey, Raymond, Boemund, Tancred," drawn by A. de Neuville. This illustration depicts Godfrey of Buillon, Raymond IV of Toulouse, Bohemond I and Tancred of Hauteville. The four led the Christian army to victories at Jerusalem and Antioch during the First Crusade.

The Knights Hospitaller, also known as the Hospitallers, Order of Hospitallers, Knights of Saint John and Order of Saint John, were among the most famous of the Western Christian military orders during the Middle Ages.

Gothic armor for knight & horse

Agusti Centelles. Barcelona, 19.07.1936. Spanish Civil War. // Agustí Centelles [died 1985] was one of the most respected Spanish photojournalists. He made history visible across a wide range of events in Spanish history, including being the only photographer known to have made pictures in Barcelona on the first day of the Spanish Civil War in July, 1936.

Siege of Acre 1291 - Guillaume de Clermont Defending Ptolemais from the Saracen invasion. The fall of Acre signaled the end of the Jerusalem crusades. No effective crusade was raised to recapture the Holy Land afterwards, though talk of further crusades was common enough. By 1291, other ideals had captured the interest and enthusiasm of the monarchs and nobility of Europe and even strenuous papal efforts to raise expeditions to retake the Holy Land met with little response.

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Crusades? Templars? Very cool anyway. Love the lighting.

The Knights Hospitaller were Knights of the Order of Saint John the Hospitaller who were also known by such names as Knights of Rhodes, Knights of Malta, Cavaliers of Malta, and Order of St John of Jerusalem. The Hospitallers grew out of a brotherhood for the care of sick pilgrims in a hospital at Jerusalem following the First Crusade in 1100 AD.