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"Ligeia" by Aly Fell ( (inspiration for Persephone, though Seph is a redhead and wears black. Love the wings, though.)

By Michael C. Hayes. Black-winged angels feature heavily in one of my works, so I'm very partial to beautiful paintings like this.

“ Frederic Leighton, Elijah in the Wilderness (detail) 1877-78”

Heather Theurer

ソウスケ@怒涛(@sousuke000)さん | Twitterの画像/動画

A fantasy rendition of Kali. She stands upon an altar of skulls and skeletons. The protruding pieces behind her, almost like an exquisite head dress, are also reminiscent of Kali's many arms, and she raises her own arms among them. The Morrigan - the Celtic equivalent of Kali as Dark Goddess - is also called forth with raven feathers.

Hel女神,素晴らしい葉,死の幻想,ファンタジーアート,ペルセポネの女神,ハデスとペルセポネ,Goddess Of Death,Weirdly Amazing,Witch Fantasy

Forest Spirits by *tincek-marincek on deviantART