Portrait of a young handsome man (beauty, black, black background, boys, caucasian, cute, elegant, european, fabric cover, handsome, head, look, looking, male, man, model, monochrome, one, people, person, portrait, staring, studio, style, twigs, veil, white, young)

It is much more important to be contented and peaceful than to be intellectual. ~Carl Jung, ETH Lectures, Page 214. (Dustin Cantrell Photography | Work)

strangeforeignbeauty: Otto Lotz by Raphael Delorme

An exhausted Frank Sinatra rests his head on his arms in a recording studio after five hours of continuous singing. March 1967.

コー​​ヒーマグカップ,コー​​ヒーコーヒーコーヒー,コー​​ヒータイム,コー​​ヒー人々,コー​​ヒーを飲む,カテリーナPimenidu,チャバコーヒー,Shot Manmakecoffee,Your Shot


Jean Reno.

Darren Black

Jean Reno Extreme closeup. Butterfly, face turned up and at angle. Glare on glasses displays a tall building. Background is burned out? Emphasis on nose, facial hair and lips-the actor's trademarks

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