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The Tulip Knot - This knot is from the loose fit range of tie knots. It is one of the most striking looking knots that you can tie and will always attract attention. It’s tied a little bit like the Eldredge, but with the loose bits to give that extra space. in your face and flashy, so where it somewhere where it will fit in. Elton John’s Oscars party perhaps

The Code of Chivalry

HONESTLY THE BEST QUOTE TO LIVE BY!!!! I'm sorry but life is way to short to hold grudges be mad and keep shit bottled up, let it go, there is a bigger picture. Enjoying life and not making it miserable for you or anyone else!! The more you try at making another persons life miserable, the more you really are miserable yourself, that's why just let things go and DO GOOD!

Citizens of Humanity. Cuffed.

What a great idea for men's ties. You can build it yourself, awesome!

街中でおしゃれな男性を見かけると、ついつい目で追ってしまいませんか?そんな目で追われるようなおしゃれなコーディネートを今回はご紹介したいと思います。それは「ベージュジャケット」と「デニムシャツ」を組み合わせた着こなし。ベージュジャケットをお持ちの方も、然うでない方にもおすすめのスタイリング方法ですよ!必見です。 very true!

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