2girls ah-1_cobra american_flag artist_name assault_rifle blonde_hair clouds combat_girls_regiment commentary dutch_angle flare gloves green_eyes gun headset helicopter helmet load_bearing_vest m4_carbine military military_uniform multiple_girls open_mouth original plate_carrier radio rifle scarf shino_(r_shughart) sky sleeves_rolled_up soldier uniform war weapon

If you like guns and girls check-out @zahalorg - They produce 100% their own photography with former IDF female soldiers. @zahalorg @zahalorg @zahalorg @zahalorg by daily_badass

Девушки с оружием бывают привлекательными

Russian Soldier, with VSS sound supressed sniper rifle.

Operator Marksman

crassetination: Modern Warfare 08



Meet Kinessa Johnson. A lady who hunts poachers. US Army combat veteran who fought in Afghanistan. She was a weapons instructor, diesel mechanic and is now an anti-poaching advisor with VETPAW.Lady in a Mans World.

女の子と,銃を持った女の子,銃の写真,図面,鉱業,Girls Nguns,Girls With,Gun Girls,Guns Hiding

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