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ozzies-world: “A map of referred pain, something nice to keep in mind when taking patient assessments. ”

Knee Pain

I hope this can save a person a lot of pain. Wish I'd had this..... Then I would've known I had pancreatitis.

Charlie Brown and Snoopy latte art

heart attack symptoms are different in men than they are for women! Lost my sister at age 47...she had back and jaw pain, nausea and anxiety....She never made it to the er...DON'T IGNORE THE SIGNS!

AI stretching does what stretching is supposed to do; it transports oxygen to sore muscles and quickly removes toxins so recovery is faster. It also works as a deep massage technique because it activates muscle fibres during the actual stretch. Hold each stretch for 2 seconds.

Lab values


Body Pain - I don't like that they didn't have "heart" in epigastric... I know it's abdominal only, but still!

• DANGEROUS DRUG INTERACTIONS TO AVOID • 1) tylenol & antibiotics. 2) aspirin & diabetes medications. 3) benadryl & sleeping aids. 4) antidepressants & st. john’s wort. 5) blood pressure medication & licorice. 6) statins & grapefruit juice. 7) birth control pills & antibiotics. 8) asthma medications & coffee. 9) anticoagulants & vitamin k.

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