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Zombie Tools 是一个专门制作...

knives : )

knives : )

Persian (Safavid) executioner’s cleaver, owned by the master Aziz the “butcher”…

"There were many weapons I could of chosen to be trained to fight with when I was little, but there was only one that actually intrigued me. The katana."-story idea

Tonfa blade by on @DeviantArt

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Sword of the Guduf People of North Cameroon

Hamon (from Japanese, literally "blade pattern") is a visual effect created on the blade by the hardening process. The hamon is the outline of the hardened zone (yakiba) which contains the cutting edge (ha). Blades made in this manner are known as differentially hardened. This difference in hardeness results from clay being applied on the blade prior the cooling process (quenching).