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白肋 [7]

light mech - Google 検索

Artwork by VANG CKI - Valhallan Nebula

フレームアームズ 四八式一型 輝鎚

Scorpion/Spider drone (Bartley D, 2013) A robotic design from FightPunch. He shows the stature of a spider but engourges it in a way that makes it look large but still have the structure of a spider. This shows his influence but also shows his design choices in making a robotic version of an already known arachnid.

ArtStation - MECH 404, ps delux

ロボットはアンドロイドサイボーグをメック,メカロボットのHardsutes,ロボットスーツ,科学Fiののサイバーパンク,Charakers Robots,Robot Mech,Robots Cyborgs,Sf Mechanic Cyberpunk,Exo Mecha

T.O.A.D. Unit Tactical Operations Advance Digitigrade Unit. 1/20 Model Kit fully scratch built mech. ready for recast.

Mecha leg