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.can remember taking baths in one of these --used it until we got the new shiny white bath tub.

Een witte emaille pispot met een blauw randje, op overloop dan hoefde je niet naar beneden om te plassen.....


Arupusu no Shōjo Haiji (Heidi, Het Meisje van de Alpen, 1974) I used to love this as a kid!

I remember when we would all head out to the porch after dinner...

Etiquettes à coller sur les cahiers

Rotary. Sweet. Before the time of digital beeps, ring tones, call waiting, caller ID, robo calls....

I remember when my Grandma had an old wash tub and washboard like this. It served for their bath tub also. And this is what I had for a swimming pool in the Mum's old wash tub!



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