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Homestuck Reaction Gifs <- I swear to Hussie that this is the scariest shit I've ever seen!

*shows up 15 minutes late to the mass murder with Starbucks* "Hey guys what's--"

homestuck- haters can't even hate

it's the little things like this that make me want to glue sparkles to my nose and frolic around in the winding meadows large enough to be mistaken some big green ocean

if anything this is the literal most uncomfortable one. Look at Dave. LOOK AT ERIDAN THAT IS SOMETHING HE NEVER DID and probably never will <-- Gamzee is making me supremely uncomfortable stahp<< omg but like Dave and karkat omg

((Little Maid! Grub! Eridan is so cute! He reminds me of Chibitalia.))

Homestuck Reaction Gifs. When you're too angry and so frustrated that you don't even know. A facepalm seems appropriate for these situations.



Our fandom is completely insane and I love it.